OctoberCMS Leaflet.js map plugin

OctoberCMS Leaflet map plugin Our new plugin has just been accepted on October marketplace.
This time it is a simple plugin that lets you use Open Street Maps for example in your contact page and mark your location. This is an alternative for those that prefer open technologies.

The plugin allows you to set coordinates for the map center, as well as zoom level. Additionaly you can place marker on the map and set a text that will be shown upon clicking on the marker.

We have used leaflet.js library to interact with OpenStreet Maps. In the future we are planning to make possible choosing between various layers (ie. transport map, cyclist map, Questmaps, etc).

You can read about technical aspects and installation guide of the plugin on October plugin page.

You can also see source on Github.

If you have any comments or proposals for improving this plugin contact us or leave us a comment.

OctoberCMS leaflet map plugin

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