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What You Get

Constantly growing

Your website will keep growing along with your bussiness, thanks to our unique approach combining lean website followed by constant improvement. For us delivering a working website is not the end, it's just a beginning. Websites need to grow and be improved just as the rest of your bussines does, otherwise they quickly become outdated and inefficient.

Mobile friendly

All our projects are mobile, ipad, tablet and desktop friendly and the site will be functional and beautiful in all these devices (responsive design). What's more, it will be designed in such a way that both strong and weak points of these devices will be considered so that you can use the technology to your maximum advantage. Your clients will appreciate this!

Personal support

If you're passionate about what you do, but not so much about technical details, you'll like to know that our price includes yearly technical support and free advice. You'll be welcome to call or email us as often as you need to. We won't leave you alone after releasing the website, we will advise you for free and help you manage your online app, so that you can focus on your customers and products/services.

Lightning fast servers

For displaying your web page/ online shop we use lightning fast Nginx web server (used by such net giants as Youtube or Scribd). All our hosting plans are custom configured and optimized to give you the most efficient and secure web environment without the need of maintaining dedicated server.

All included hosting

Our prices include everything you could ever need to make your website working: hosting, domain, secure certificates (SSL), all that so you don't need to worry about small but time consuming details. You just focus on growing your bussines, we'll do the rest! In addition, you'll get online access to your account data, statistics and administrator tools.

Unlimited traffic

Our hosting policy does not implement any traffic nor visitors restrictions. We want you to grow and have as many visits possible without any additional cost. Our philosophy is no hidden fees and as site owner friendly hosting as possible. Please feel free to contact us if you need more details or visit our Q&A section, it's full of helpful explanations.

Constantly Growing Website

Constantly Growing Website

How we work

The experience we have gained thanks to our previous clients and projects has taught us one fundamental thing: if you don't improve constantly, you move backwards and fall way behind others. That's why a website is never a finished product. It must be cared for and updated on a regular basis. To illustrate this point, let's imagine a beautiful and functional website designed a couple of years ago. Everybody liked it, the designer, the site owner and his clients. However, the project was finished before ipads, androids and tablets became overhelmingly popular and the website was not prepared to be viewed in these mobile devices. As a result, all potential clients who use them simply don't visit such a webpage. And we all know what less visits mean. Similar examples could go on and on, regarding other functionalities or visual features.This is why our working process consists of constant improvements, regular contact with the site owner and all inclusive packages. We want our clients to be succesful site owners and we offer them constant technical support included in the initial price.